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About Us

What We Do

This isn't a traditional business development site. Our offerings are not sales or business development training. We want you to connect with your inner passions. Charting out your success doesn't have to be an illusive concept. We help you create a  plan that will keep you engaged, involved and in love with your career.

How We Get You There

To have a plan that really sticks, you need to find your passion. What is it about what you do that you love? When you are excited to start your day, what are you looking forward to? In one-on-one sessions or our unique workshops, we will help you identify and use your passion.

About Us

Started by a "big law" lawyer who never thought she would be in the profession two weeks after starting - let alone two decades later- we bring years of practical experience to helping professionals turn their jobs into careers they love. Not feeling motivated? We've been there too. And we can get you going again.