Upcoming Events

Career Charting Workshop

We will be hosting a Career Charting business development workshop in Chicago this fall to help participants work on turning their jobs into careers they love through focused effort on their "why" and their passion. Interested in participating? Email liisa@careercharting.com to learn more.

Past Events

Career Charting Workshop

Held in Chicago on April 14, during this Career Charting business development program we worked with attendees to identify their personal brands, discover their "why" and turn those into a unique business plan.

Custom Career Charting Session

We hosted a customized Career Charting business development session for members of the Chicago Committee of Minorities in Large Law Firms on May 15, 2018.

Events We Can Host For You

Personal Branding Workshop

Attendees at this session will have an opportunity, through unique exercises, to identify what makes them unique (their "personal brand") and how to turn that into a story that can be used at cocktail parties, on resumes, in bios and on personal statements. This foundational session can get attendees energized and excited about turning their jobs into careers they love.

Finding Your Why Workshop

An excellent follow up for those who have done the personal branding program, or can be a stand-alone as well. In this session attendees are guided through exercises intended to identify their passion and their why, and to connect that to their jobs in a way that helps them turn that job into a career they love.

One-on-One Sessions

For organizations that would like us to come in and work one-on-one with employees. In this unique approach, we help employees identify their vision and their mission. Not only a benefit for employees, but for employers, who find in these motivated individuals a more loyal and dedicated work force. This is intended for companies that would like us to work with multiple employees over the course of a day or series of days.